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Cancer Screening Down in United States

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Cancer screening rates in the United States declined over the last ten years, and the only testing in conformance with Health People 2010 (HP2010) goal of 50% or more was for colorectal . Adherence rates for screenings have generally declined for all other types and are below HP2010's target. On the other hand, survival met goals for all types except cervical cancer. Increased prevention efforts are needed if the United States is going to continue to meet its survival goals into the future. Despite earlier diagnosis and more effective treatments that increase survival, it is still a leading cause of death and chronic illness, with deaths in the United States exceeding 570,000 in 2011.

This study looked at 10 year trends for 174,393 adults for whom detailed screening information was reviewed. The general United States population failed to meet screening goals for breast, cervical and prostate malignancies. This declining trend may cause a future negative impact on the death rate from malignancies. Disagreements between the US Preventive Services Task Force, the American Cancer Society and other medical specialty organizations have caused confusion and doubt about proper screening protocols.

Early diagnosis critical to maximizing survival and minimizing disability and disfigurement caused by treatment. Britcher Leone and Roth, LLC specializes in investigating and helping people who suffer the delayed diagnosis of cancer. While not all diagnoses are delayed and not all outcomes are avoidable, a physician's failure to treat an otherwise diagnosable tumor causes tragic injury to the individual and family.

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