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Oral Argument in the Comedian Municipal Court Judge Case

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2013 | Firm News |

Partner, E. Drew Britcher appeared before the New Jersey Supreme Court on February 26th on behalf of the Municipal Court Judge of South Hackensack, New Jersey seeking an interpretation of the Canons of Judicial Ethics that would allow Judge Vince Sicari to continue his very successful primary career as a comedian and actor under his stage name Vince August.

Mr. Britcher argued that the Canons created a conflict where Justice Sotomayor could appear on the Colbert Report to promote her memoirs, but Judge Sicari who earns only $13,000 as a part-time Municipal Court Judge could not warm up the crowd as comedian Vince August. News links for this story are below along with a link for the oral argument before the court.