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Japan Withdraws Recommendation for HPV Vaccine

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Vaccine |

The Japanese Health Ministry withdrew HPV Vaccination recommendations for young girls to help prevent cervical cancer because of numerous complaints of side effects. Hundreds of vaccinated girls have complained of long term pain and numbness after receiving the vaccine. While the ministry is not suspending the use fo the vaccination, it has instructed local governments to not promote its use. This withdrawal of immunization recommendation is unusual because it was used regularly by local governments and is required by law.

Although Japanese girls can still receive the vaccination for free, medical institutions must advise them and their parents that is not recommended. Girls who were receiving the shots ranged from sixth graders to high school freshman students. Of 3.28 million persons receiving the immunization, 1,968 possible cases of side effects, including body pain, have been reported. The ministry anticipates that it will take several months to investigate these complaints of side effects and determine whether to reinstate or continue to withhold its recommendation for the vaccination. Japanese parents welcomed the decision to withdraw the recommendation and believe the decision to vaccinate for HPV should be lef to the parents.

Britcher Leone & Roth investigates cases of rare but serious vaccine injuries and side effects for individuals and, when a causal connection is present, represents them in submitting claims under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. Establishing a connection between a vaccination and injury requires more than just showing that symptoms started after the shot. The medical records and medical experts must show how the vaccine could cause the injury and establish more likely than not that it did.