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July 2018 Archives

Continuity of Care Makes a Difference

Increased continuity of care lowers patient mortality according to a study published in BMJ Open, a peer-reviewed medical journal. Patients across all demographics had lower mortality when continued care was provided by the same primary care physician or specialist. Even though medicine has undergone substantial advances in the use of technology to detect and treat disease, the physician patient relationship  remains important. Continuity of care means more that just patient satisfaction - it provides benefits that save lives.

Signs of a Strong Personal Injury Claim

Pursuing damages for a personal injury can feel like a leap of faith. Although an attorney can advise you surrounding your case and what they believe the outcome to be, there are no guarantees. However, sometimes, the risk is worth the reward, especially if an attorney can help you obtain the outcome you are looking for. Knowing when the elements of a strong personal injury case may be helpful in understanding what an attorney may be looking for when taking on a case. In most cases, attorneys are incredibly motivated to obtain your desired outcome because in many situations, if you don't get paid, neither do they.

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