Negligence Can Apply When Someone Owes Duty To Concussion Victim

High-speed contact sports are exciting and stimulating for many participants as well as spectators. They also carry with them inherent risk of injury. Despite requirements for football players, hockey players and equestrians to wear helmets, concussions and repetitive brain trauma are common among student athletes. Equally great are the concerns in sports like soccer where helmets are not required but technique can make a difference.

What Is A Concussion?

A concussion is a blow to the head caused by the shaking of the brain inside the skull. Concussions are a fact of life for many sportsmen and sportswomen. This type of head injury can cause long-lasting harm, especially when athletes who suffer concussions are not allowed the time or the opportunity needed to heal properly. Research in recent years has provided a more complete understanding of the long-lasting effects of repetitive brain trauma.

Immediate And Long-Term Symptoms

Immediate symptoms of a concussion as outlined by the Mayo Clinic may include loss of consciousness, headache, confusion, nausea and slurred speech. Longer-lasting effects may include difficulty concentrating, irritability, depression and disturbance to brain functions such as the senses of taste and smell.

Did Coaches Follow Accepted Guidelines After A Concussion Injury Or Injuries?

The Mayo Clinic and other medical authorities emphasize the need for a time of healing after a concussion. Specifically, the Mayo Clinic’s website advises that, “No one should return to play or vigorous activity while signs or symptoms of a concussion are present.” Perhaps you or your teenage son or daughter suffered a concussion while engaged in sports. An important question to ask is whether coaches followed widely accepted standards of requiring mandatory rest and recovery afterward.

Our Law Firm Features Accomplished New Jersey Concussion Attorneys

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