Recommendations For Breast Cancer Screening

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer will strike one in every 8 woman at sometime during their life and is the 2nd leading cause of death in women killing approximately 1 in 36 women. However, breast cancer screening has reduced the death rate by 44% since 1975, because it detects cancer at an earlier stage. The American Joint Committee on cancer has developed a staging system known as the TNM system so that there is standardized descriptive manner for information to be shared with patients and so that treatment teams can develop protocols for patient care. If you are receiving such information, remember that each patient is an individual.

Still, while new treatments for advanced disease have been developed and our understanding of the biological basis of cancer has increased, the decrease in death rate is directly attributable to earlier diagnosis and treatment. The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening starting at age 40. In conjunction with clinical and monthly self-breast examination, screening mammography saves lives. If you do not have an insurance source of payment for screening mammograms, The Susan G. Komen Foundation and other organizations provide financial assistance or direction for ways to get free or very low cost mammograms.

More Information Is Available About Breast Cancer

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