Vigilant Health Care Providers Can And Should Prevent Birth Infections

OB-GYN professionals owe a duty of care to both pregnant mothers they care for and their newborn babies. Caregivers should follow accepted standards of care in order to minimize or prevent risk of infection in newborns. When they fail to do so and babies suffer serious harm as a result, parents may wish to discuss the case with an experienced birth injury lawyer.

Mothers Can Pass Infections On To Their Unborn Babies

Preventing birth infections most often means properly diagnosing and treating a condition afflicting the mother before or during birth. If an OB-GYN fails to diagnose or treat a mother’s pre-existing streptococcal infection, listeriosis, E. coli or HIV, a baby may become infected when it passes through the birth canal. Complications such as sepsis or meningitis may develop in a baby who has been exposed to a virus, bacteria or fungus from the mother. Delayed diagnosis and treatment may lead to permanent brain injury.

Our Law Firm Includes Attorneys And Staff With Medical Backgrounds

Clients of Britcher Leone, LLC, benefit from our attorneys’ knowledge of causes and treatment of birth injuries, including birth infections. Armand Leone Jr. is both a Board Certified Physician and an attorney. His in-depth knowledge of medical issues such as birth infections greatly strengthens our clients’ birth injury and other medical malpractice cases. Our staff includes medical and legal professionals who are prepared to address intersecting medical and legal issues. Partner E. Drew Britcher is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney and has been counsel of record and/or amicus counsel in more than two dozen reported decisions of the Appellate Courts in New Jersey.