As a litigation law firm with a statewide and national referral network, Britcher Leone is proud to have a long tradition of working with colleagues from across the country. Our trial attorneys have extensive experience litigating over complex legal and factual issues. We do pay referral fees to our colleagues except in vaccine injury cases.

The boutique firm is a prominent New Jersey firm dedicated to zealous advocacy and protecting the rights of injured clients with high levels of excellence, integrity, and professionalism. Our skilled attorneys specialize in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, products liability, toxic torts, and vaccine litigation.

Co-Counsel and Referrals: Why Us?

We take tremendous pride in being a highly respected plaintiff law firm built on a foundation of leadership, innovation, and service to the New Jersey community. Founding partners E. Drew Britcher and Armand Leone, Jr. believe professional service is just as important as client service, and have earned statewide and national reputations for their commitment to fairness and justice for injured clients.

Significant Trial Experience

We take a team approach, combining our knowledge of medicine and law, to all our cases. Through this approach, we are able to consistently achieve excellent results in compensating our clients for their injuries. Our law firm has the trial experience and resources to help you and your client bring suit against any defendant.

If you are an attorney seeking assistance in a personal injury, products liability, wrongful death matter or vaccine injury matter, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to help maximize your client’s recovery. We accept case referrals from attorneys throughout New Jersey and the United States and pay referral fees in accordance with the rules regulating the New Jersey bar.

Vaccine Injury Referrals

Practicing Vaccine Injury litigation in the United States Court of Federal Claims is a highly specialized area of practice. We will treat your client with the highest respect and care while pursing compensation for his or her vaccine injuries. While we are honored to accept your vaccine injury client referrals, because of the nature of these cases, we are unable to offer you a referral fee in these specialized cases.