Manufacturers Who Make Dangerous Products Should Pay When Consumers Are Injured

Injury or death caused by a consumer product can be the result of a manufacturing defect. It can also be that a product is inherently dangerous because of a:

  • Design defect (not designed to withstand typical use)
  • Labeling defect (lack of proper warnings)
  • Marketing defect (inappropriately marketed to at-risk populations)

What Are Some Dangerous Products That Cause Injury?

Britcher Leone, LLC, in Glen Rock and Morristown, New Jersey, represent people injured by dangerous products such as:

  • Home improvement products such as home table saws and chain saws
  • Hobby tools like fabric cutters
  • Home property machinery like lawn mowers, snow blowers and hedge trimmers
  • Ladders that collapse under the weight of typical adults
  • Moving walkways, escalators and elevators in airports and other locations
  • Medical devices such as portable catheters and in-fusion pumps used for chemotherapy
  • Defective hip replacements, including metal on metal problems and other complications
  • Dangerous toys such as magnets and other dangerous product pieces and other toys as noted by World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. or W.A.T.C.H, a nonprofit that tracks defective toys and includes safety resources
  • Industrial machines lacking interlock devices to prevent injuries to hands, fingers or feet from being caught in conveyors or chains

Using Testimony Of Experts At Trial

When Britcher Leone, LLC, accepts a products liability case, we do so expecting to collaborate closely with established industrial experts. Our product liability claims and lawsuits incorporate expert testimony regarding products, injuries and relevant statutes and regulations that offer the hope of relief to injured people. Input from engineering experts helps us build strong cases for our clients who have been injured by dangerous products. When an injury has taken place on the job, we cooperate fully with our clients’ workers’ compensation attorneys to maximize effectiveness of both workers’ comp and third-party liability claims.

Several members of our staff have both medical and legal credentials. This is combined with the extensive trial experience of partner E. Drew Britcher. Drew is not only certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil trial attorney, but he has been counsel of record and/or amicus counsel in more than two dozen reported decisions of the appellate courts in New Jersey.