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Posts tagged "Surgical Deaths"

Elderly Hip Fracture Repair is Time Sensitive

In a recent British orthopaedic study, researchers found that mortality from hip fractures increased by 8% if operated on more than 24 hours after admission. The morality rate increased by 20% if operated on more than 48 hours after admission. Over 300,000 elderly people fracture hips each year. This study shows that, if possible, same day repair is best and improve chances of survival.

Surgery Deaths Higher on Fridays and Weekends

Elective surgery deaths occur at a significantly higher rate when surgery is performed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Worse outcomes for patients admitted on weekends compared with weekdays measured by death and length of stay are explained as the "Weekend Effect". A recent study in the British Medical Journal confirmed the higher risk of death and complications for surgeries done at the end of the week and on weekends. The risk of dying from surgery on Saturday or Sunday was almost double the risk (82% higher) when surgery was performed on Monday. The risk of dying from surgery on a Friday was 44% higher than on a Monday. The elective surgeries that were looked at were colon resection, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm, lobectomy or lung resection and a single combined group that included hip replacement, knee replacement, inguinal hernia repair, varicose vein stripping and ligation, tonsillectomy, femoral hernia repair and abdominal wall hernia repair.

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