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2014 News & Events Archive

  • Dec 1, 2014 – Partner Armand Leone wrote in the New Jersey Law Journal:
    Costs to Prove Malpractice Are the Crisis [PDF]
  • Partner E. Drew Britcher talks with sheknows.com about toy safety and shared a list of the
    10 most dangerous toys of 2014
  • E. Drew Britcher has just published a column on toy safety at newjerseynewsroom.com.
  • On October 14th, Associate Kristen Miller Co-Chaired the NJAJ Women Trial Lawyer Caucus Networking event that raised school supplies for the children of Youth Consultation Services (YCS)
  • Partner E. Drew Britcher is serving as one of the Regional Coordinators of NJAJ’s Turkey Drive that has a goal of raising 2014 Turkeys for donation for Thanksgiving to are Food Pantries and Food Banks.
  • Partner E. Drew Britcher is Co-Chairing the NJAJ Meadowlands Seminars November 8-10
  • Partner E. Drew Britcher is Co-Chairing the NJAJ Meadowlands Medical Malpractice/Mock Trial Seminar on October 9th
  • Attorney Kristen B. Miller is Co-Chairing the NJAJ Meadowlands Appellate Practice Seminar on October 10th
  • The New Jersey Supreme Court rendered a 4-3 decision in the case of C.A. v. Bentolila in which we were amicus counsel on September 29th involving the NJ Patient Safety Act.
  • On September 9th, Partner E. Drew Britcher appeared before the NJ Supreme Court to argue Wadeer v. NJM involving the duty of insurers to handle their insureds claims in good faith.
  • On Oct. 14th Partner Armand Leone Jr., M.D. was on a webcast entitled Deposing the Defendant’s Medical Examiner in Personal Injury Cases
  • On September 8th 2014 Partner Armand Leone with host Melanie Cole on radio MD discuss
    What If You Suspect Medical Malpractice?
  • On Aug, 2014 Partner E. Drew Britcher and Jessica Choper were featured in the New Jersey Lawyer magazine with their publication on Is Constructive Notice under the Tort Claims Act on Life Support? This article was originally published in the August 2014 issue of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, a publication of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and is reprinted here with permission.Is Constructive Notice under the Tort Claims Act on Life Support?
  • On Sept, 9th 2014 partner E. Drew Britcher is scheduled to appear before the NJ Supreme court for oral argument in the matter of
    A-54-12 Kwabena Wadeer v. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. (072010) A case that involves uninsured motorist bad faith claims. Watch the live webcast at 10am
  • Aug 4, 2014 – Partner Armand Leone contributes to care2 with
    5 things your doctor won’t tell you unless you ask
  • July 17, 2014 – Partner Armand Leone wrote in Why smart physicians make mistakes, and how patients can help avoid them in newjerseynewsroom.com
  • On May 20th, the New Jersey Supreme Court rendered its opinion in the case Komlodi v. Picciano, involving proper Jury Charges in Medical Malpractice cases. Partner, E. Drew Britcher and Associate Kristen Miller appeared an behalf of NJAJ and Britcher argued the matter last fall.
  • May 14th 2014 – Partner Armand Leone wrote
    Computerized Order Entry Can Contribute to Medical Error in the New Jersey Law Journal
  • On May 2, 2014, Partner, E. Drew Britcher Co-Chaired an event for US Senator Cory Booker.
  • On May 2, 2014, E. Drew Britcher Co-Chaired the Hot Tips in Medical Malpractice Seminar for NJAJ.
  • On May 1, 2014, Kristen Miller Co-Chaired the Women Litigators Luncheon at the New Jersey Association for Justice Boardwalk Convention.
  • E. Drew Britcher featured April, 2014 NJ SuperLawyers Magazine [e-print]
  • On Feb, 20th 2014. Partner E. Drew Britcher spoke to students at New York Law School on becoming a trial lawyer
    [More Info]
  • E. Drew Britcher attended the American Association for Justice Midwinter convention where he participated in the Birth Trauma Litigation Group meeting, Stryker Rejuvenate Litigation Group meeting, Pradaxa Litigation Group meeting and the Board of Governors meeting.
  • On Feb 5th Jessica Choper and E. Drew Britcher appearing as amicus counsel for the NJAJ were granted leave to file a brief and participate in an oral argument in the matter Constance Childs-Abdullah v. City of Somers Point
  • E. Drew Britcher reargued the matter of C.A. v Bentolilia on Feb 5th 2014 the webcast can be viewed here
  • On January 27th E. Drew Britcher returned to teach at Sedon Hall Law School for the Spring term. Mr. Britcher teaches a “practice ready education” course entitled the “Anatomy of a Medical Malpractice case”