Helping People Recover Compensation For Bedsores Caused By Nursing Home Neglect

One cause of suffering in nursing homes is bedsores. Also called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, bedsores occur when people with limited mobility are not regularly moved or rotated. The lack of circulation causes the skin and body tissue to deteriorate and die. Severe bedsores can require extensive medical care. In the worst cases, bedsores can lead to serious infection and death.

Bedsores are nearly always preventable. Severe bedsores are a sign of inexcusable neglect. An injury lawyer can help you take decisive action on behalf of your loved one. The Glen Rock, New Jersey, law firm of Britcher Leone, LLC, has built a strong record of success helping injured people across our state.

Taking Decisive Action To Help All People Living In Nursing Homes

Our efforts have two purposes. First, we help our clients recover appropriate monetary damages for their injuries. Second, by holding nursing homes accountable for their negligent or willful actions, we can make these facilities safer.

Bedsores have four classifications. In Stage-one bedsores, the skin appears red and irritated. Stage-one bedsores usually heal quickly when the patient is rotated. In Stage-two bedsores, the skin is blistered or bruised. Stage-two bedsores typically heal within weeks under appropriate care.

In a Stage-three bedsore, the sore has extended through the skin and into the muscle and tissue below. In a Stage-four bedsore, the sore has extended into the muscle and even bone. Stage-three and Stage-four bedsores require immediate medical attention. Treating a Stage-three or Stage-four bedsore may involve debridement, or the removal of the infected tissues. Surgery may also be required.

Nursing homes and staff members have a duty to each and every person living in the facility. Allowing bedsores to develop and fester is a breach of this duty. Our attorneys will investigate your loved one’s injuries and work tirelessly to recover all appropriate financial compensation.