Holding Nursing Homes Accountable When Residents Leave The Facility

Many nursing home residents suffer from memory loss, confusion or impaired judgment. Nursing home residents with these conditions must be closely supervised at all times. When people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia wander off, or “elope” from a facility, they are at great risk. People who wander away from nursing homes suffer exposure to the elements, they can fall, and they can go too long without adequate water or food. Sometimes “wanderers” are only found after they die. Sadly, in most cases these injuries could be prevented.

If your loved one was injured or killed after leaving a facility unsupervised, an injury attorney can be critical to helping you get a measure of justice, and compensation, for your injuries.

Britcher Leone, LLC, in Glen Rock and Morristown, represents people who have suffered injuries in New Jersey nursing homes. We have an extensive track record of success achieving successful results for our clients in both negotiations and litigation.

When Nursing Homes Breach Their Duties To The People They Serve

Nursing homes have the duty to take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the people who live there. This duty includes the duty to monitor patients. Accordingly, nursing homes must be properly staffed in order to ensure that residents receive proper attention. If necessary, doors should be equipped with alarms in order to alert staff of potential resident “wandering” issues. When necessary, residents may require reasonable restraints for their safety.

In addition to these general duties, nursing homes are required to follow numerous federal and state regulations to protect residents. Our lawyers will make a complete investigation of the circumstances leading up to your loved one’s accident, to determine who was at fault and the extent of the damage. Helping your family get the compensation you need and deserve is our highest priority.