Serious And Catastrophic Injuries Require Serious Legal Counsel

When negligence of another causes an accident resulting in a serious or catastrophic injury, it soon becomes critical to pursue compensation. Costs in both human terms and financially are often staggering in the face of a serious or catastrophic injury.

What Kinds Of Damages Can Be Sought For Catastrophic Injuries?

Medical expenses, therapy, rehabilitation, personal care attendants and disability accommodations all carry high price tags. Even families that are financially well off may find the expenses overwhelming. Beyond the financial losses, there is very real pain and suffering for both the injured person and his or her family. Lifestyles are often permanently restricted. A personal injury claim or lawsuit can offer a path to financial relief as well as acknowledgement of negligence.

Two areas of focus, equally critical, after a serious accident such as a car crash or explosion each demand determined and intelligent inquiry:

  • The accident: How did it happen? Who or what caused it? Who is legally responsible for paying for injuries and losses?
  • The injury and aftermath: What is the injured person’s prognosis? What types of assistance and accommodations will he or she need both in the near future and over a lifetime?

The stakes are high after a serious or catastrophic injury. It is important to choose a personal injury lawyer carefully. Our law firm has a strong track record of successful verdicts and settlements in many cases involving serious and catastrophic injuries.