Traumatic Accidents Can Result In Amputations

Many people seem to have an instinctive fear or dread of amputation, as we often hear people say that a loss is as bad as “losing an arm or a leg.” When amputation occurs, it is often a consequence of a traumatic accident such as a car or truck accident, a motorcycle accident, a heavy machinery accident, a power tool accident or errors in medical care.

If you have actually suffered an amputation injury, you know by now that there is much more to it than simply disfigurement or loss of functionality.

Amputation Victims Can Incur Numerous Financial And Rehabilitation Challenges

Amputation victims often have a many related expensive and painful challenges to cope with, including:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Reconstruction surgery
  • Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Use of a prosthesis (which will likely need to be replaced periodically)
  • Impact on employability in many cases
  • Lingering side effects such as chronic pain or phantom pains
  • Mobility challenges when a foot or leg has been amputated

After a serious injury resulting in amputation, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney just as it is important to get the best available medical care and therapy. At Britcher Leone, LLC, we evaluate every case in terms of how we can help the injured person obtain the compensation needed to cope with effects of an accident. We will not rule out any cause or source of compensation until we have analyzed your situation in detail.

Was Amputation Made Necessary Because Of A Minor Injury Or A Medical Mistake?

Sometimes, the loss of use of an arm or leg is the result of a chain reaction of occurrences. A seemingly minor injury can lead to complications such as compartment syndrome, with unrelenting pain leaving amputation as the only recourse. In some cases, complications are caused by medical mistakes, and may ultimately result in a “frozen” arm or leg. The inert limb may have to be amputated in the end.

Did A Workplace Injury Happen Because Of A Defective Product?

If your amputation was the result of a workplace accident, we will include in our investigation an inquiry into the underlying cause. If defective machinery is to blame, we may be able to help you bring a third-party liability claim against the manufacturer or other responsible party. Workers’ compensation is not the only source of financial help for many injured employees.