Helping Burn Injury Victims Rebuild Their Lives

Everything about a severe burn injury is painful. Burns themselves are excruciating. Burn treatments are equally horrific. If you have been severely burned, debridement may be part of your treatments. Debridement is the removal of the dead or infected tissue. It is agonizing. Treating these injuries can take months or longer. In the worst cases, people with burn injuries may lose limbs and be forced to live with disfiguring scars. As a result, the emotional pain of a burn injury can rival the physical pain.

Severe burns can occur in the home, at work, in an automobile or elsewhere. Whatever the situation, if your burns, or a loved one’s burns, were caused by another’s negligent or wrongful actions, you have the right to bring a legal claim for your injuries. It is important to have a dedicated advocate on your side.

Based in Glen Rock and Morristown, the law firm of Britcher Leone, LLC, represents injured people throughout New Jersey. Our tenacious, thorough approach gives our clients the best chance to recover the compensation they need for their medical expenses, lost income and other damages.

Combining The Disciplines Of Medicine And Law To Better Serve Our Clients

The partners of our law firm include Armand Leone, a licensed physician in addition to a lawyer. Another of our lawyers is a registered nurse as well as an attorney. Our staff includes a legal nurse consultant. With this experience, we are able to understand exactly how your burns have impacted your life, both in the long term and immediate term.

We will gather all available information to show who is responsible for your injuries. Once we have developed both the liability and damages aspects of your claim, we will be in a favorable position to demand compensation that fully addresses all of your needs.