Loss Of Loved One To Wrongful Death Raises Many Questions

When a medical mistake results in an otherwise preventable death, family members rightfully want to know what happened and why. They realize, of course, that no legal action can bring back a deceased loved one. However, there are at least two compelling reasons to look into the facts behind a health care-related death:

  • To determine whether there is cause to bring a wrongful death claim against a health care provider. A family that had been dependent on a deceased loved one’s contributions may have a valid claim for compensation.
  • To help prevent more deaths under similar circumstances. In the course of an investigation and lawsuit, additional protective mechanisms may be put into place in a hospital, an emergency room, a medical clinic or a rehabilitation facility.

Medical Knowledge Allows Our Firm To Better Prepare Your Case

Britcher Leone, LLC, is a well-established plaintiff’s law firm dedicated to addressing wrongdoings through effective legal processes such as wrongful death claims. Our staff includes Armand Leone Jr., a Board Certified Physician and attorney, as well as partner E. Drew Britcher, certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. We are prepared to investigate, analyze and litigate medical death cases that we agree to take on.

Many Kinds Of Medical Errors Result In Malpractice Cases

Our clients’ medical malpractice wrongful death claims often involve situations such as: