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Defective Drugs And Medical Devices Can Harm Or Kill Consumers

We may like to believe the drugs and medical devices supplied to us through health care professionals are solely for our well-being. However, there are many cases of a device or medication causing significant injuries and dangerous side effects.

If you believe you were hurt or a loved one was killed because of a defective drug or medical device in New Jersey, Britcher, Leone & Sergio, LLC, can advise you. These cases can be complex, but we are prepared to match the aggressive strategies that manufacturers might use to deny your claim.

Medical Devices May Be On The Market Under Questionable Circumstances

Whether a doctor suggests a pacemaker or a replacement hip joint, it is difficult for individual patients to know which medical devices are safe to use. They rely on the expertise of their doctors, protective screening by the FDA, and the integrity of manufacturers and marketers.

Unfortunately, patients may suffer serious harm from unproven or misapplied medical devices. Regardless of whether the FDA has issued a recall for your medical device, it could be dangerous or defective. Injuries could range from perforated organs to life-threatening infections.

We will work to understand the intricate details concerning your injuries. Our team can also demonstrate to insurance companies, a judge and a jury exactly how those injuries have affected you.

Negligence Involving Medication

We can help in cases involving dangerous drugs, recalled drugs, pharmacy errors and prescription errors. Liability for these problems may ultimately lie with the prescribing physician, the pharmacy, the pharmacist, the prescription-filling computer program or the drug manufacturer.

For minor negative side effects or injuries, it is often not practical to bring an action against the prescriber or manufacturer. When injuries are significant, however, Britcher, Leone & Sergio, LLC, may be able to help. We can evaluate your case and determine if negligence occurred and what should be included in a claim.

We Have The Resources To Strengthen Complex Claims

Armand Leone Jr. is a board-certified physician and attorney. Other members of our legal staff also have medical credentials. They bring a comprehensive understanding of the medical issues involved in products liability and medical malpractice cases. Trial lawyer E. Drew Britcher is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney.

Contact our experienced legal team through email or at 201-444-1644. At your consultation, we can review your case and the injuries from your defective medication or medical device.