Holding Property Owners Accountable For Injuries On Their Premises

Commercial and residential property owners have a duty to all people who are lawfully on the premises. If hazardous conditions or other dangers are present, the property owners must take all reasonable steps to either remove the hazard as soon as possible or warn people of the potential dangers. All too often, property owners fail to meet this obligation. This failure can lead to serious harm. If you have been injured due to a hazardous condition on another person’s property, it is critical to seek out experienced legal counsel.

Britcher Leone, LLC, has developed an extensive long track record of helping people who have been seriously injured by another’s negligence. We will hold property owners responsible for failing to live up to their duties. In this way, we can make premises safer and hopefully prevent further injuries.

Many Causes For Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability accidents can involve any number of accidents or injuries, including:

One overriding theme in each of these accidents is that a property owner had knowledge of a potential hazard on the property and failed to take appropriate action to correct the hazard or make the premises safer.

Premises liability claims can involve numerous impediments. For example, the property owner may claim that the accident was a result of the victim’s own clumsiness. The property owner may claim that they had no reason to know of a particular danger. Our attorneys understand how to overcome these various obstacles and present a compelling case that takes all of your damages into account.