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Noteworthy Verdicts And Settlements

Results may vary depending on a case’s facts and circumstances.

$5.2 Million Verdict
Surgical Malpractice

A Morris County jury awarded the estate of a local man a net verdict against two physicians as a result of improper medical clearance that failed to diagnose hepatitis. This led to an unnecessary surgical procedure causing him to go into liver failure that was ultimately fatal. The jury also found there was a chance that the man’s liver failure and death could have resulted from his preexisting conditions and also found that he was partly at fault by failing to advise the anesthesiologist of his hepatitis.

$60 Million Structured Settlement
Flu Vaccine Injury

Lump sum payment to a child who suffered Guillaine-Barre syndrome following influenza vaccine and became a quadriplegic at 3 years of age, with additional annual payments for life.

$16 Million Structured Settlement
Obstetrical Malpractice

A Superior Court judge in Bergen County approved a settlement achieved by our firm on behalf of a Bergen County boy who was born with debilitating hydrocephalus, which was missed during prenatal testing. As a result, the parents were deprived of their ability to make a knowledgeable decision about whether to carry the pregnancy to term, and the child’s condition went undiagnosed for several months after birth. We established that the child’s brain had not properly developed, causing impairments of sight, hearing, ambulation, verbalization and other brain function.

$3.75 Million Settlement
Failure to Diagnose Stroke

A man presented to a stroke center emergency room with symptoms of a stroke that was not diagnosed and treated before he suffered irreversible damage.

$42 Million Structured Settlement
Vaccine Injury

Lump sum payment, plus annual payments, for severe injuries resulting in brain damage, ventilator and feeding tube dependency following receipt of the mandatory vaccinations required at two months of age (DPT, IPV, HIB, Hep B and Prevnar) for past medical reimbursement, pain and suffering, future lost wages and life care needs.

$40 Million Structured Award
Vaccine Injury

The parties to a National Vaccine Injury Compensation claim agreed not to seek a review and to accept a decision, dated March 31, 2000, by Special Master Laura Millman of the United States Court of Federal Claims. The decision awards a life-care plan to a Brooklyn girl who requires constant medical attention for her developmental disabilities and seizures that resulted from a whole-cell DTP vaccination. Britcher, Leone & Sergio, LLC, successfully prosecuted this case involving complex medical issues.

$19 Million Structured Award
Vaccine Injury

A Paterson girl suffered retardation, seizures and behavioral disorders from a rubella vaccine. Our firm alleged that the vaccine, which led to her being stricken with encephalopathy, caused her disabilities. The total payments to be received are based on the girl’s life expectancy of age 75.

$13.6 Million Structured Settlement
Obstetrical Malpractice

Our firm achieved a settlement including the establishment of a special-needs trust for the preservation of funds for a Bergen County boy who was a victim of delayed delivery by his mother’s obstetricians. We alleged that the young man suffers from pervasive developmental delay, with an autistic component and self-injurious behavior, as a result of the doctor’s negligence.

$5.7 Million Structured Settlement
Obstetrical Malpractice

A settlement was achieved on behalf of a Morris County girl who had spinal deformities, which were missed during prenatal ultrasound evaluations. As a result, the parents were deprived of the opportunity to determine whether to terminate the pregnancy. In addition to complications of the spinal deformities, the child suffered congenital impairments in her hearing and other observable physical deformities.

$5.2 Million Structured Settlement
Obstetrical Malpractice

A Sussex County girl received a structured settlement for the negligence of her mother’s obstetrician in failing to perform a timely delivery, resulting in limited physical limitations that required extensive therapies and the use of accommodative devices. The settlement included the establishment of a special-needs trust for the preservation of funds and provision of her special needs.

$3.8 Million Present Value Settlement
Pediatric Urological Surgery

A Passaic County girl who underwent a pediatric urological procedure that was negligently performed suffered injury to both her ureter and bladder, causing a need for her to be catheterized of her urine and putting her at future risk of renal failure. She received a settlement to provide for her present and future special needs.

$3.5 Million Settlement
Resort Negligence

A vacation at a well-known Caribbean resort resulted in a Bergen County man suffering spinal injuries, causing him to be a spared quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair, with major motor coordination of his arms. Our firm achieved a present value settlement that involved special negotiations with the Department of Health and Human Services for the state of New Jersey and payment from resort management for their failure to guard against injuries to guests such as the plaintiff.

$3.5 Million Present Value Settlement
Wrongful Death

A Rockland County woman’s family received a settlement of claims against a truck and bus company when their negligence led to her car being crushed, with her inside.

$3.38 Million Verdict
Gross Medical Malpractice

A Morris County Jury awarded the Estate of a local man a gross verdict against two physicians totaling $3.38 Million, as a result of improper medical clearance that failed to diagnose hepatitis and that led to an unnecessary surgical procedure causing him to go into liver failure that was ultimately fatal. The jury also found that there was a chance that the gentleman’s liver failure and death could have resulted from his pre-existing conditions and also found that he was partly at fault by failing to advise the anesthesiologist of his hepatitis. Thus, the gross verdict was reduced for both these reasons with a net verdict against the physicians of $1.6 Million and a judgment of $2.1 Million.

$3 Million Settlement
Wrongful Birth/Life

A dramatically impaired child was born following an obstetrician’s failure to identify a clear abnormality on a prenatal ultrasound.

$2.5 Million Verdict
Failure to Timely Diagnose Breast Cancer

An Essex County woman whose breast cancer diagnosis was delayed, resulting in a Stage IIB diagnosis and full mastectomy, received a verdict from an Essex County jury.

$2 Million Settlement
Wrongful Birth/Wrongful Life

A Somerset County family received a present value settlement regarding the failure of a radiologist and radiological technician to recognize the dramatic malpositioning of a fetus’s internal organs.

$1.65 Million Settlement
Spinal Surgery

A Union County woman received a settlement after a spinal surgeon negligently removed a portion of a spinal nerve during herniated disk surgery.

$1.65 Million Settlement

A woman suffered an ankle injury in a car accident that was then made worse when she tripped and fell on an uneven floor in a beauty product store, leading to osteonecrosis.

$1.59 Million Judgment
Medical Malpractice

A 68-year-old plaintiff proved to a Bergen County jury that her family physician failed to diagnose and treat an infection in her foot. Gangrene developed and she was required to have an above the knee amputation of her leg. Our firm proved to the jury that the defendant committed malpractice in failing to take a culture and hospitalize the plaintiff when her condition started to deteriorate.

$1.5 Million Settlement
Workplace Injury

A truck driver was hurt by a powerline electrical charge at a power plant where he was picking up fly ash near unguarded high voltage lines.

$1.45 Million Settlement
Combined Trip-and-Fall and Surgical Malpractice

A woman slipped on ice due to poor snow removal by her landlord and had improper surgery for a broken tailbone.

$1.35 Million Settlement
Wrongful Death

A settlement was achieved for the death of a 37-year-old divorced and unemployed woman who was treated at a psychiatric hospital and died. The hospital failed to monitor the woman’s fluid intake and output while on neuroleptic drugs; this led to dehydration and seizures, which caused brain damage and eventual death.

$1,237,004 Verdict
Failure to Properly Treat

A Bergen County jury awarded a Chester, New York, man and his wife for the defendant’s failure to timely address the plaintiff’s heart condition, which resulted in his suffering a significant heart attack. Following a clinical stress test that showed a likely right coronary blockage, an angiogram was performed, showing a 90% blockage of that same vessel.

Despite increasing symptoms over the previous weeks, the patient was released from the hospital and immediately told to return eight days later for an angioplasty and stent. He suffered a heart attack that night. The performing doctor failed to acknowledge the plaintiff’s medical history of chest pain that put him at high risk for a heart attack. No medical history was present in the records, and the doctor failed to obtain a history prior to treatment.

$1.2 Million Settlement
Failure to Provide Adequate Security

A Hudson County man suffered neck, back, pulmonary and psychiatric injuries. The landlord for his place of employment failed to protect against a threat to the property, which resulted in his becoming trapped in a smoke-filled room.

$1 Million Judgment
Podiatric Malpractice

A diabetic man’s podiatrist failed to properly diagnose and treat a foot ulcer, which resulted in a partial amputation of his foot. It was also proven that the doctor had changed his records to hide the mistake.