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December 2012 Archives

Concussions are Difficult for Pediatricians and ER Physicians

Concussions are a form of mild head injury that, although most often resolving quickly, require immediate recognition of symptoms and careful management. According to a self-reported study in Pediatrics, most pediatric and emergency room physicians feel inadequately trained to perform important neurocognitive testing to assess the degree of head injury in children. Pediatricians were most likely to refer a child with possible concussion to a sports medicine specialist, a neurologist or neuropsychologist. Many primary and emergency physicians lack adequate training or tools to systematically diagnose children with mild head injuries.

Emergency Care EpiPen Instructions Forgotten Within 3 Months

Emergency care with EpiPen for severe allergic and asthmatic reactions is life saving, but many patients who carry them for emergency use forget how to use them after 3 months. Medscape reports on a study reporting at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology that most patients thought they knew how to use the EpiPen, but none of them knew of the need to rub the site after injection to cause absorption of the medication. Some even had a problem figuring out which side of the pen to use - and that was when not even experiencing an emergency. Continued education is necessary for people to use the device properly. Every day 9 people die from asthma attacks.

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