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Helping Mothers Recover After Severe Birth Injuries

All mothers know and understand that labor and delivery are not easy. Even a relatively uncomplicated vaginal delivery can place a tremendous strain on a mother. When complications arise, a mother may suffer life-altering injuries. One of the more extreme injuries in childbirth is injury to the sphincter muscle. Although tears of the muscle can occur, if these tears are not adequately treated, a mother may suffer a host of problems, including fecal incontinence, difficulty having intercourse and painful bowel movements. If you suffer from incontinence or other injury as a result of a sphincter injury during childbirth that was not handled properly, you may have a claim for malpractice.

At Britcher, Leone & Sergio, LLC, in Glen Rock and Morristown, we help people throughout New Jersey who have suffered sphincter injuries and other birth injuries. We have extensive experience representing victims of medical malpractice and are prepared to help people who have questions about their medical care determine if they have a valid claim for malpractice.

Sphincter Injuries Are Subject To Medical Malpractice

Episiotomy, or cutting of the perineum, is a common procedure during vaginal birth. Although an episiotomy may be necessary to deliver the child without injury to the mother, obstetricians must take appropriate measures to limit the damage. The failure to recognize and immediately repair any injury can result in severe, permanent problems.

In addition to the physical problems resulting from obstetric sphincter injuries, the psychological damage can be severe. Many victims of these injuries must contend with the humiliation and inconvenience that accompany incontinence. Our attorneys understand the impact your injuries have both on your health and your sense of self. We are prepared to help you answer questions about your care and seek compensation, if appropriate.