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Different vehicles. Similar defects.

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Small pick-ups are the perfect combination of travel and transport. However, that popularity is creating dangerous, if not deadly, risks. Crash test ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveal troubling findings regarding passenger protection.

During small pick-up tests, problems arose with the belted rear passenger dummy’s head coming dangerously close to the seatback in front of them when a simulated crash occurred. The discovery represented a potential risk of neck or chest injuries post-crash.

Sub-par results

All five crew cab models failed to earn a good rating with specific findings that found the following:

  • Nissan Frontier – Acceptable rating
  • Ford Ranger – Marginal rating
  • Chevrolet Colorado – Poor rating
  • Jeep Gladiator – Poor rating
  • Toyota Tacoma – Poor rating

All pick-ups provided protection in the front seat. However, measurements revealed a small risk of leg or foot injuries to the drivers. Those affected vehicles are the Gladiator and Tacoma.

The overall issue is not due to the rear seat being unsafe, but the front seat having more safety improvements, including airbags and advanced seat belts. Those amenities do not exist in the back of the crew cabs.

All five small pick-ups provided good protection in the front seat. However, measurements indicated a slightly higher risk of leg or foot injuries to the driver in the Gladiator and Tacoma.

A range of dangers

The Colorado Frontier, Ranger, and Tacoma saw restraints where the dummy’s head thrust too close to the front seatback. The Gladiator’s rear restraints fail to employ a side curtain airbag. The rear dummy in the Ranger “submarined” underneath the lap belt moving from the pelvis to the abdomen, a problem that could lead to internal injuries.

Important to note is the IIHS citing the back seats remaining the safest location for young children who are more at risk of injuries due to an inflating front airbag.

While safe driving is vital to prevent accidents, hidden defects in a car can do as much, if not more, damage.