Attorneys For Victims Of Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes

People are placed in nursing homes when they are no longer able to adequately care for themselves. Tragically, certain individuals will prey on this vulnerability, and commit shocking acts of sexual abuse or physical abuse against nursing home residents. These actions are unconscionable.

If your loved one has suffered through such a traumatic event, you can bring a civil lawsuit against the nursing home that allowed this abuse to take place. These lawsuits can serve many purposes. In addition to helping you recover compensation for your injuries, they can help to prevent this type of conduct from occurring again. In this way, fewer people will have to suffer.

We are the Glen Rock and Morristown, New Jersey, law firm of Britcher Leone, LLC. Our New Jersey nursing home lawyers stand up for people who suffered egregious injuries due to another’s wrongful conduct. Our lawyers will take decisive action against the nursing home that caused injury to your loved ones. We have built a strong record of recovering compensation in a broad spectrum of injury claims.

How Does Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Happen?

In nursing homes, the perpetrators of sexual abuse are usually nursing home staff or other residents. In each case, this abuse is allowed to happen when nursing homes fail to take adequate measures to screen and monitor employees or residents. This failure allows very dangerous people to gain access to helpless residents.

We will carefully examine all the facts of your case to determine what happened and who was at fault. Our attorneys are focused on helping your loved one obtain compensation and peace of mind, as well as protecting others from being subjected to this abuse in the future.