Holding Responsible Parties Accountable For Injuries Caused By Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walkway Accidents

Managers, owners and service companies owe a duty of care to residents, shoppers, clients, patients and others who are lawfully on property within their control. Commercial property owners, maintenance companies, and service and repair companies may be liable if someone is seriously injured on an elevator, escalator or moving walkway. Contact an experienced and accomplished personal injury attorney if you or a loved one suffered serious injury due to an elevator, escalator or moving walkway at the following:

  • Shopping mall
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Office building
  • Apartment complex
  • Government building

Managers And Owners Liable To Maintain Safe Walkways

If an elevator, escalator or moving sidewalk had a known defect, had not been properly inspected or maintained, or presented a hazardous condition, the parties responsible to take reasonable steps to protect the public may be liable for any injury a user sustains. Critical actions expected of owners and managers when elevators, escalators or moving walkways show signs of malfunction or can be expected or predicted to fail if left unchanged may include:

  • Installing modern equipment that has built-in fail-safes
  • Practicing preventive maintenance
  • Replacing aging parts on a scheduled basis
  • Contracting to have defective elevator, escalator or moving walkway inspected and serviced regularly
  • Posting signs and barriers to shut down a defective elevator, escalator or moving walkway until repairs and tests have been completed

Lack Of Maintenance At The Expense Of The Public

Britcher Leone, LLC, has a history of achieving results for people injured on dangerous premises. In one case, through many document productions and depositions, Britcher Leone, LLC attorneys established parts that would have cost less than 2 cents per passenger per year were not replaced on a predetermined schedule. This was the case even though experience showed that without regular replacement of those parts, travelators were subject to failure in operation as much as 50 percent of the time.

Demonstrating Liability After An Elevator, Escalator Or Moving Walkway Accident

Britcher Leone, LLC, zealously represents people who have been seriously injured because of others’ negligence. We are prepared to hold property owners, managers and maintenance companies responsible when they fail to maintain elevators, escalators or moving walkways that cause injury. In addition to helping individual clients, we hope to make New Jersey safer. We and our clients hope our efforts prevent further injuries caused by elevator, escalator and moving walkway accidents by getting those who are responsible to take more precautions.